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For those who want 3 boxes (15 bars) of each flavor of super-tasty Monkey Bars (Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate, Blueberry Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla and Chocolate Chip)! Only $0.67 per delicious chewy granola bar! 100% Natural, Low Sugar, 4g of Protein and 3g of Dietary Fiber per bar! Made with Whole Grain Oats, Improves Digestive Health with Prebiotic Fiber!

Here’s an example of how clean the ingredient lists are (see the single flavor case items for each flavor’s ingredient list and nutrition panel):

Chewy Granola (Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Roasted Soybeans, and Almonds), Brown Rice Syrup, Super Monkey Power Fruit Blend (Dates, Cranberries, Elderberry Juice Concentrate), Vanilla Flavored Coating (Evaporated Cane Juice, Palm Kernel Oil, Nonfat Dry Milk, Vanilla and Soy Lecithin), Brown Rice Flour, Maltodextrin, Fructan (NutraFlora®), Natural Flavors, Sugar, Salt.
Strawberry Allergens: Contains Almonds, Soy, and Milk Ingredients. Blueberry Allergens: Contains Almonds, Soy, and Milk Ingredients. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Allergens: Peanuts, Soy, and Milk Ingredients

$3.74/box -- FREE SHIPPING
1 CASE: 12 boxes x 5 bars per box = 60 Monkey Bars

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65 comments on “Monkey Bars Variety Pack

  1. Connie Foskin on said:

    I was on facebook and saw that you were offering three boxes of Monkey Bars Granola to people who qualified.
    My address is

    Connie Foskin
    62 Westminster Street
    Manchester NH 03103

    Do I qualify?

    • Chris on said:

      Connie! We’ll send yours out tomorrow!

      • jamie on said:

        me too?>

        • Chris on said:

          Hi Jamie! Thank you SO much for your interest in Monkey Bars!!! The reason we have it set up like that is to invest our sampling budget in areas that sell Monkey Bars. Of course, if we sent out samples where people can’t buy them, we would have a hard time staying around as a business!! So, stay tuned for when Monkey Bars are in your area, and we would LOVE to send some to you!

  2. Shannon Kreighbaum on said:

    I have a two year old daughter that would love to try these!

  3. Pat Hansen on said:

    I can not get to the site for 3 free boxes of monkey bars how can I qualify? Pat Hansen 2503 E 1649th rd Ottawa,Il 61350

  4. dedra woodward on said:

    I went to the offer page and it says I do not qualify as you do not sell in my area, this is bull… as I have seen them at many stores, bought them once and your store locator says there are 13 retail locations within 10 miles of me that sell these.
    What’s with the inaccurate website offer?

    • Chris on said:

      Hi Dedra,

      Believe it or not, but most people won’t drive more than a few miles to a grocery store! That being said, we’re very happy to send you the vouchers! Email your address to and we’ll send them to you right away!

      Sorry about the slow reply!

  5. Karen Hirsch on said:

    I’ve tried for a couple of days to get the free three boxes of Monkey Bars. When I click on the submission bar, it just sits there saying to refresh if it takes longer than 45 seconds. I have kept on refreshing, but it still will go no further.
    I would like to get these please. How can I go about doing so in another way?
    My info is as follows.
    Karen Hirsch
    RR 2, Box 988
    San Augustine, TX 75972

    • Chris on said:


      Sorry for the delay responding!!!

      I’ve passed your information along to the person sending these out and hopefully you get them in the next week or so!!!


  6. Harold Megargel on said:

    If I can get Monkey Bars through your internet store, then why can’t I qualify for the sample boxes? Just a thought because I’d love to try them. We eat granola bars at this house everyday. Love the concept and name, brings us back to the old playground memories.

    • Chris on said:

      Hi Harold,

      We aren’t sending sample boxes during the summer…only vouchers. Then, you have to go to a store to redeem the vouchers. So, unfortunately, some people don’t live close enough to a store to be able to redeem.

      Sounds complicated I know!!!


  7. Jackie Krukoff on said:

    Seen this on FB and seeing if I Qualify also.
    Jackie Krukoff
    Po Box 794
    Unalaska, AK 99685

    or 80 Haystack Dr
    Unalaska, AK 99685

    • Chris on said:



      Looks like you live in Alaska! Unfortunately I don’t think we’re sold in any stores there!


  8. Tara lawhorn on said:

    The page said the offer isn’t available in my area, yet when I searched for where the monkey bars are sold, they’re available in a small city which is only 20minutes from me. Therefore it is available in my area. Is there any other way I can qualify for this offer? I travel to that side of town a lot and would love to have my daughter try the monkey bars.

    • Chris on said:


      We would love to send them to you! Email your address to and we’ll have them sent out right away!!!


  9. Sharon Honyumptewa on said:

    I saw an offer for three free boxes of your Monkey Bars. I have seen them in the Walmart here. How do I get this offer. 1417 N. Edmonds apt. A. Carson City, NV 89701. Thank you, Sharon Honyumptewa

    • Chris on said:


      Sorry for the late reply!! I’ve passed along your address to the person sending the vouchers out and you should receive them within a few weeks!


  10. Sharon Balbi on said:

    I was on a freebies website and was directed to facebook for your very generous offer.I had never
    heard of Monkey Bars before now and they sound
    delicious! Am I eligible? I hope so!
    Sharon Balbi
    13131 Barbara Ann St.,Apt. 321
    North Hollywood,CA 91605

    • Chris on said:


      It means we’re SLOOOOOWWWWW sometimes! Sorry about the late reply!

      I just gave your address to the person who sends these out, so you should get the vouchers soon.

      Thanks for your interest in Monkey Bars!


  11. Debra on said:

    my zip code is 46218 , sorry forgot to include that so it is
    Debra Scott
    2018 N Adams St
    Indianapolis , Indiana

    • Chris on said:


      Sorry for the late reply!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I just submitted your complete address to the person that does the mailings!

      Thanks so much for signing up!


  12. becky on said:

    I can get 60 monkey bars for $3.74??

  13. SUNNY on said:

    I recently read a couponing blog that stated you were offering 3 vouchers for the Monkey Bar granola bars. I have tried so many times to get them, but the webpage continues to load with no end result. I’d really like to try them out so are you able to mail me some directly? I’d rather not post my address here, but if you’d email me a response that would be great. Thanks.

    • Chris on said:

      Hi Sunny,

      Sorry about the slow reply! email me at with your address and I’ll have some vouchers sent out to you right away!!


  14. Stacie Moore on said:

    Hi I saw that you were giving three free boxes from this site, I tried the site 3 different times but it didn’t tell me if I qualified or not.
    Do I qualify?
    Stacie Moore
    P.O. BOX 782
    Mosier, OR 97040

    • Chris on said:


      Sorry for the late response!!!! I just had your address sent to the person who takes care of the mailings. If you get extra coupons…no worries…but maybe share some with your friends!!!!? :)

      At least this way we can get you the vouchers. You’ll have to check to see if they’re sold in your area. If not, maybe bug one of your store managers to bring them in ;)


  15. Scottie Chasteen on said:

    Hi i tried to get the three free boxes for the actual link but i never received a phone call or email to verify. I tried twice, i don’t know if you can tell me if i qualify or if i don’t
    my address info is
    scottie chasteen
    1107 bellows st
    Akron Ohio 44240

  16. Chris Wishert on said:

    I also tried to sign up for the free variety pack but it said there are no stores close to me. Can they be shipped to me instead?

  17. Kelli Ann Cole on said:

    Can I get the voucher?

  18. Kelli Ann Cole on said:

    Can I get the voucher still?

    • Hi Kelli! Sorry for the late reply, but yes, you can still get the vouchers: email us at and we’ll get them sent out to you!!

  19. Tiffany Houseman on said:

    I got an email stating that there were no stores by me that sells your products. But there is and I would love my vouchers if still available. I shop in Grand Rapids for everything and I hit that Target at least once a week. I should be on file otherwise please email me and I can provide my address again for you. I have yet to find a granola bar that my son will eat so I would love to try’em. Please and Thank you.

    *5120 28th St SE,
    Grand Rapids, MI, 49512

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Can you email us your address at Or here is fine too! We’ll get you hooked up with some vouchers ASAP!

  20. patricia andrews on said:

    address patricia andrews 6319 cookes farm drive henrico va 23231

    • Hi Patricia, I know it’s late, but we just added your name to the list and your vouchers for free Monkey Bars will get mailed out next week! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. I have been trying to sign up to get the free monkey bars but the webpage won’t even open. Is there anyway that you can send me a link or something Please? Thank you :)

    • Hey Sarah! So sorry about the inconvenience! If you want to email your address to we’ll get them mailed out to you right away! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Diana Rogers on said:

    I also signed up on Facebook since your website states the Monkey Bars are sold at a Walmart located 20 miles from my home. I shop at this store often and was looking forward to the vouchers, then received the email stating that there are no stores that sell them locally? 20 miles is local. I hope you will reconsider. Thanks!

    Diana Rogers
    13935 County Highway 119
    Upper Sandusky, OH 43351

    • Hi Diana! I’ve just added you to the list! One thing: we won’t be sold at Walmart after January…we’re trying to get into the pharmacy section there, so keep your fingers crossed that you can still get them there!

  23. Twyla Cogswell on said:

    My address is 2031 Stanley Allen ct. Riverbank, ca 95367. My grandson would love to try these. Does my address qualify for free samples?

    • Hi Twyla! Sorry about the impossibly late reply! I’ve had your name added to the list of people who are receiving samples and your should go out next week! Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Craig McConkey on said:

    I too was told I don’t live near a store….But I drive right past the Target in Warrenville, Illinois on my way to my doctor”s office. I would love to try these since they are low in sugar. If you send me the vouchers, I promise to use them to sample your products.If you don’t…I will purchase a Monkey Voodoo Doll and use it to extract my revenge,….not a pleasant experience….
    Assuming cooler heads prevail….please mail vouchers to:Craig McConkey, 2601 Village Hall Dr., Unit 126, Lake In The Hills, Illinois,60156…..Thanx, craig

    • Craig McConkey on said:

      Forgot the phone….847-458-0861…..Any single females over 45, feel free to call. Sorry Monkeys, Humans only….

      • Hey Craig,

        Did you just want us to call you to chat?? jk

        I’m sure you also sent your address in order to receive some vouchers? If you want to email it to I’ll make sure some get sent out to you right away!


    • ha! My bad…got your address from the other email you sent :) They should go out soon!

  25. Neff Germany on said:

    I applied for the vouches and received an email saying “I’m Sorry”. Supposedly the products were not sold in my area. I have seen and purchased your products at my local Target (which is 13 mins away) and still was told it wasn’t available to me. Please note: People who live in under served communities will gladly go to where ever they can to get healthy food options! Thank you!

    • Neff,

      SOrry about that! We have found that MOST people aren’t willing to travel that far…but if you are…by all means, we’ll send you the vouchers right away! What’s your address? Email it to if you can, and I’ll make sure it gets added to the list immediately!

  26. Lamont patrick on said:

    I applied for the 3 samples a few months ago & the final page said I would be contacted by a rep. However I never was contacted or received any samples. Could you please send samples? I have 2 littles ones that want them. My address is located below…

    Thank you

    Lamont Patrick
    1125 ponce de leon Ave NE
    apt 606
    Atlanta, GA 30306

    • Hi Lamont! We have been TOO popular to keep up! It happens when you give away a bunch of free samples! I’m terribly sorry for the delay, AND that you weren’t contacted. Either way, I have now added your address to the list and these vouchers will go out to you this week! Thanks for your patience!!

  27. Alissa sadler on said:

    I am so excited to get these for my daughter. please send me the sample. Alissa Sadler PO box 100 port Jefferson station, NY, 11776

    • Hi Alissa! Sorry for the delay but your info just got added to the list!! The vouchers for free Monkey Bars will go out this week!

  28. Lisa Arrowood on said:

    I applied for the 3 free boxes of Monkey Bars several months ago and received an email saying they were not available in my area at that time, and I would be notified when they were. Well, last night I was shopping at a Super Target by me, and there they were, on the shelf! Can I still get them?

    • Hey Lisa!

      So sorry that you didn’t qualify when…obviously….you should have! It is possible that you saw us in a new Target location that we weren’t sold in at the time? Either way….we would be happy to send you some vouchers so you can try out Monkey Bars!

      Email your address to and I’ll make sure some get sent out to you ASAP!


  29. Stephanie on said:

    I just wanted to let you know how much my boys LOVE your Monkey Bars. They ask me for a Monkey Bar every single day. I ordered a few cases from you this summer and have not regretted the purchase. Thanks for making such a delicious, healthy granola bar option.

  30. Dee Seahawk on said:

    Hi, I tried to get the 3 boxes over the summer, but I was not contacted at all. would still love to try these. thanks so much,
    Dee Seahawk
    8607 Pine Cone Ct
    Tampa, FL 33604

    • Hey Dee, So sorry to hear that you didn’t get the vouchers when you signed up! I’ve had your name added to the list of people receiving them, so they should go out in the next week or so! Sorry about the delay!

  31. Jinger Jones on said:

    Are these being sold in Texas? I haven’t seen them but my kids would love to try them. If so, my address is as follows…
    7411 Pearson Rd.
    Santa Fe, TX 77517

    • Hey Jinger, We’re sold in almost all HEB stores in Texas and a whole bunch of Target stores too! I just had your name added to the list, so some vouchers should get sent out to you soon!

  32. The offer says not available for my girlfriends area even though I’ve seen them in the target. I just wanted to try a box first before using the promo code on a case of 60 bars, haha.

    • hey hey! OF COURSE we’ll hook you up with some free vouchers — you might be seeing them in a Target that isn’t in our database (a store we didn’t know sells them) or maybe you live more than 10 miles away?

      Either way, just email your address to and we’ll get these vouchers out to you!!!!!

      Thanks for finding us!

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